About Us

Atlantic Propane was founded by Richard Gorzkowski, an individual with over 25 years experience in the propane gas industry including service and installation, delivery, and customer relations.  Included in this experience, he served as Vice President of Modern Gas Sales, Inc.

Atlantic Propane’s mission is, “To exceed customers’ expectations by providing exceptional service at fair and equitable rates”. Our intention is to become the leader in our industry by focusing on YOU, our current and future customers.

At Atlantic Propane we feel that it is important to keep the lines of communication open at all times, so feel free to contact our company president, Richard Gorzkowski, toll free at 1-888-880-8766 or via e-mail.

Exceptional Service

At Atlantic Propane we value our customers. We strive each and every day to insure our customers are treated to a level of service that far exceeds that of our competitors. Sign up today and you too can become a member of the Atlantic Propane family.

Computer Monitored Deliveries

Whether you use propane for heating, cooking, hot water, commercial or industrial use we have you covered. Our computer system monitors your propane usage and insures you always have an adequate supply of propane at you residence. At Atlantic Propane you will not have to call us to schedule a delivery, we will be there automatically when your tank reaches the 30% filled level. 1-888-880-8766

Advanced Forecasting System

Our advanced forecasting system allows us to track degree day data provide by the National Weather Service and utilize this data to determine how often you our valued customer needs a delivery. Prolonged periods of cold weather means you’ll see us more often, prolonged periods of warm weather means you’ll see us less often. Either way we are always striving to exceed your delivery expectations.


24 Hour Emergency Service

At Atlantic Propane we offer the security of being there for you, our customer 24hrs. per day 365 days per year. If you have an emergency you can rest assured that we will be there for you.