Policies & Procedures

To Our Valued Customer:

We would like to welcome you to Atlantic Propane and take this time to inform you on how our propane delivery service works.

Our Computer Forecast System keeps track of your usage based on a daily use factor (hot water, cooking, etc.) and a degree-day factor (Heating). It then generates a delivery ticket for customers that are 30% or less for that particular week. We then organize those tickets into routes and deliver the gas accordingly. It is very important to let us know when an appliance is removed, installed, or switched out. The next week, the computer prints out a new set of tickets at the same 30% factor. This means we may be in your area several times in one-month timeframe.

This system is more flexible than our previous, making us more efficient hence passing the savings onto you. It allows us to deliver to those customers who are in need of propane that week and pass over those who are not. This Computer Forecast System will not print out accounts that have a past due balance.

What can you do to assist us with our delivery system?
Check your tank gauge periodically and call us if you find that you are 30% or less and have not received a delivery. This allows us to make the proper adjustments to our forecast system. Please do not call if you are above 30% (unless you are a “Will Call” customer), as this will allow the Computer Forecast System to do its job.

What should you know about our delivery system?
There are three different delivery options we offer to our customers.


When you are on automatic delivery, a ticket will automatically be generated at 30%. You will receive a propane delivery the same week that your ticket was printed. In order to be on an automatic delivery basis, you are required to submit your social security number to our office during regular business hours. This is a one-time procedure that is noted in your confidential account information. Upon delivery, a stamped meter ticket is left at your home; this ticket states the gallons delivered and the amount due which is payable within 10-days. If you are delinquent on your balance, over 30 days, we will not make another delivery until your past due balance is paid in full. Please not, delinquent accounts are handled during regular business hours only. If payment is not received, your account will be switched to will-call. (See below for terms and conditions).


When you are a “will-call” basis, you must call our office for a gas order when the gauge on your tank reads at least 35% to allow our driver 5-7 business days to make a delivery. This 5-7 day requirement is a worst-case scenario. If the driver is in your area the delivery will be made sooner. This service option requires payment in full when service is rendered. Social security numbers are required for any charging rights on all “will-call” accounts. Balances past 30-days must be satisfied before any additional deliveries are made.

You should also be aware that we will not normally make delivery after hours. If an exception is made a special trip charge will be added to the bill. If you allow your tank to run out of propane and we need to make a special delivery, during normal business hours, you will be charged a special trip fee. This charge will cover the cost of removing a driver off his route to make a special trip delivery to your home.

Timed Delivery

Timed delivery is used for customers that use a limited amount of propane, such as cooking gas and seasonal homes. This option allows us to schedule your delivery during our non-peak times. Cooking customers only will be delivered around the weeks of April 15th and October 15th of each year. Again, this option is optimal for those individuals who know their exact usage and/or those who inhabit their various homes seasonally.

What is an Emergency Delivery Call?
You must be on automatic delivery service with no past due balance and have a 0% reading on your tank. Your central heat source must be propane. A gas leak is also considered an emergency call. Our 24-Hour emergency phone number is 1-888-880-8766.

What is a Secondary Delivery Call?
The accounts that use the following appliances, whether you are out of gas or very low, are considered a secondary delivery: Space Heating/Gas Logs, Cooking Gas, Clothes Dryer and Pool Heater

Secondary deliveries, which are very important to us, are handled during normal business delivery hours. All secondary delivery calls made after hours will be handled during the next business day.

Special Trip Charge
A special trip charge will be applied to any call that is over 15% above the reported gauge % reading from the called. For example: Called reports tank having 10%. Our dispatcher priorities the deliver and when the driver arrives to fill the tank he sees that the gauge is at 30%.

You should also be aware that we will not normally make delivery after hours. If an exception is made a special trip charge will be added to the bill. If you allow your tank to run out of propane and we need to make a special delivery, during normal business hours, you will be charged a special trip fee. This charge will cover the cost of removing a driver off his route to make a special trip delivery to your home.

These charges will help us to keep our operating costs down and at the same time be more efficient in our efforts to serve our customers. The savings that we realize will be passed onto you, our valued customers! Our continuing goal is to remain the most efficient and competitive propane company in the Northeast backed by our commitment to great service.

Valuable Service Information for Heating Units
As you know, lint and dust particles travel through the air, even in the cleanest of homes. When this occurs, the dust will be pulled into the unit as it burns. This will start to clog the heater’s air fuel mixtures on the pilot assembly and the burner. The same happens when dust settles on the heater’s surface. If excessive build-up should occur, this will lead to improper propane usage, which may result in soot problems. A red-orange haze that is visible on the ceramic plaques is acceptable. A blue flame that rolls out at the top of the ceramic plaques indicates an accumulation of dust, lint, or spider webs inside the casing assembly and main burner assembly. Candles, perfume, potpourri, polishes, paints, stains, new carpets, pet hair, etc, are some of the things that can cause this occurrence.

All vent free heating units should be cleaned on a monthly basis or more. All vented heaters should be done a minimum once per year. In conjunction with this yearly cleaning, you may maintain the unit on your own by using your heaters manual and your vacuum and/or compressed air. Be sure that your pilot is out prior to cleaning your unit.

Credits and Refunds
All sales are final. There will be no refunds on propane not used. There is too much time and effort that goes into pumping out tanks back into the bulk storage. If you have a balance and your tank is picked up with gas in it, you will get a credit towards your balance minus a tank pickup/restocking fee. The best way to avoid any problems is to use your gas up first then call for a pickup.

Minimum Tank Usage
We ask that for each tank you lease from us a minimum of 3 full refills per year is required. For example if you one 100 gallon tank we ask that you use 300 gallons for the year; if you have two 100 gallon tanks we ask that you use 600 gallons. If you do not meet the required usage for the amount of tanks leased you are subject to a minimum charge which also can appear on your statement as equipment lease. If you feel you no longer meet the minimum tank usage requirements please call the office to have your tank picked up or switched out for a smaller tank.

Save time and money and schedule your routine cleaning during the summer months. Please call 1-888-880-8766 for appointments and more details.

Little reminders to help us serve you better…

  • To protect our employees we ask that you keep your driveway and/or private roads clear during the winter season. This will ensure that your current service is not interrupted.
  • Monitor your tank gauges regularly, calling us if you are at 30% or less. This will help us to properly adjust our database to meet your propane needs.
  • Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30; Saturday, 8:30-noon; Sunday, Closed. We also have a 24-hour answering service in case of an emergency.
  • As an Atlantic Propane customer, you give us the right to enter your property at any time to do our job, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Thank you for choosing Atlantic Propane as your propane gas provider.

*All prices subject to change without notice